New CSID Application

Welcome to the Computer Science Department!

Over the next few pages, we'll gather some information about you for the department database. The information you provide will be used to establish a CS ID for access to department computing resources.

Affiliation with CS department is required and will be verified before CSID a is approved.

New CS students, please wait until after new student orientation before filling out this form.

For more information about why you may need this, see

Enter your true, full (legal) name. No nicknames, please (save that for the Friendly Name field.
The Friendly Name (by default your first name) field should have the name you are known as by most CSD faculty, staff, and students. For example, it can be your actual, legal first name or a nick name.
If you have one, please enter your Stanford University ID, an 8-digit number found on your ID card as shown in the picture.

If you have a web home page please enter the complete URL. If you enter a home page here a link will be automatically created from the department home page to your home page.

The CSID will be your login or username on CSD computer systems and will be your primary CS email alias. It must start with a letter, consist of only letters and numbers, and be less than 8 characters long. The CS ID cannot be changed, so please choose carefully. If you have a SUNetID, we highly recommend you use it as your CS ID.

Your password is the most important single aspect of the security of your account. Choose and protect your password with care.
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